Khalil Rizki

ISSA certified in Personal training.

AFSA certified in Martial arts fitness.

AAI-ISMA certified in Boot camp Coaching &  Cardio Kick-Boxing.

P90X Certified.

Brown belt in Kyukushin Karate / black belt in Chinese  Ling Dao Wu-Shu.

Current Manager, and trainer at Cape Cod Fitness. Competed in   since the age of 7 in Karate Kyukushin & Shaolin Wu-Shu.

Mission statement: to help clients achieve the optimum of their physical fitness by training the body as a whole unit, alternating soft and hard bouts, while improving the balance, mobility, agility, stability and flexibility.

Hobbies: Marathon & Half-Marathon, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Full-contact Japanese “traditional “Karate, snowboarding, close-quarter combat Sports.